Gas for the Manor

Thursday February 20th, given the fact that the State was doing nothing at all, a collective of exiled and organised people opened a squat in the Motte au Duc Manor to shelter 60 people. However, while the things are being set up, some urgent needs must be attended and require money. This money is needed to pay up for the generators, before a more sustainable electric installation is up and running (which should be done by the end of the month). But as well to provide gas for a collective kitchen. Furthermore, it is urgent to find a way to heat up the facility, for the actual heating system is out of order.

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Support to the aid actions of the SPF35

Emergency containment – We must organise so that the Secours populaire français from Ille-et-Vilaine can maintain its activities of food aid.

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Support to the Utopia 56 Rennes’ street rounds

In the midst of the current health crisis happenning all over the country and in Rennes as well, the Utopia 56 organisation needs your support to go on with its daily street rounds! A lot of people are still wandering in the streets despite the containment. Their uncertain sheltering makes their survival even more difficult now that many associations had to cease their activities while the quarantine is on.

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Food Not Bombs’ street rounds

Food Not Bombs Rennes is an autonomous collective usually sharing a vegan meal every first sunday of the month, Hoche street, along with Gamelles Pleines, Utopia 56, Bulles Solidaires and the Réseau Entourage. During this health crisis, we unfortunatly cannot go on as usual and we won’t be able to be there this Sunday, considering the health risks. This is why the FSB team will distribute each saturday night some hot meals in Rennes until the containment’s end. Giving our limited ressources, we need your support to hold on… You can help us while giving money or sharing the link to do so, and spread the news around!

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Hydroalcoholic gel for the most exposed to the virus

Considering the supply difficulties regarding protection gear, we produced hydroalcoholic gel (WHO official recipe) for the most exposed to the covid-19 outbreak in Rennes neighbourhoods. Fifty litres have already been produced and given for the Utopia56’s street rounds, the réseau de ravitaillement des luttes du pays rennais, free grocery-store of maison de la grève, the free grocery-store at Lobineau street and the collectif action logement, which deals with the Veyettes’ migrants squat. We wish to make some more and organize the distribution in a more regular manner.

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Planned parenthood – needing infant and baby first and second age powdered milk.

Due to the containment we find ourselves short in powdered milk for women in precarious situations who, following the exile induced chaos and trauma, cannot breast their child. Any contribution would be very precious and welcomed.

Reach Bakoly at 06 27 24 32 03 or at (specifying “pour Bakoly” as object).