About us

We are a group of organisations joining forces to face the situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially toward the most fragiles, with no difference regarding the nationality or the administrative status. The list appears at the bottom of every page and is often updated.

Use of the personal datas we collect

We collect sometimes sensitive personal datas such as age or adress. We do so solely to organise the solidarity (regarding the volunteers) and provide the necessary help (to the people in need). We will ask your permission every time before passing your informations to one of the organisation, and you can ask for us to delete these datas at any time. If you offered help you can ask for your datas deletion while sending a mail to contact@rennescovidsolidarite.info If you needed help you can ask for your datas deletion while sending a mail to sos@rennescovidsolidarite.info We will really soon try to operate a hotline to organise everything. We will put the number here as soon as possible and you will be able to ask the sae thing through a simple phone call as well.

How long will we store these datas

We will keep your datas as long as you will allow us to do so. Giving the circumstances it is quite difficult to know precisely when the situation will finally be “less worse”. We believe we should hang on to them until Summer comes for a start, and then we will get back to you in order to decide together how we will deal with this matter.