Monday 27 April
Caution: infos can change without us knowing so!
More infos on the SIAO 35 website.

Le 115

The 115 activities are fully back to what they were, with respect of the hygiene policy.

More general infos
  • Every emergency shelter facilities and night housing from Rennes are up and running.
  • Hotel sheltering is possible, studied by the 115 and submitted to a State services’ accord.
Le Fourneau (Restaurant social Leperdit)
02 99 67 37 30
Physical reception
Monday 08:30/13:00
Tuesday 08:30/13:00
Wednesday 08:30/13:00
Thursday 08:30/13:00
Friday 08:30/13:00
Saturday 08:30/12:00

The Fourneau has been restocked with laundromat kits and we do our best to make some more. Please note that the Fourneau will be open from 08:30 to 12:00 Monday 13th April. THE SOCIAL RESTAURANT WILL BE CLOSED ON MAY FIRST BUT OPENED ON MAY 8th.

02 99 27 50 62
Physical reception
Tuesday 09:00/12:00 - 13:15/16:45
Wednesday 09:00/12:00 - 13:15/16:45
Thursday 09:00/12:00 - 13:15/16:45
Friday 09:00/12:00 - 13:15/16:45
Saturday 13:15/16:45
Sunday 13:15/16:45

The laundromat service is back but is limited to one machine per person per week (1€ per washing).

Secours Catholique
Physical reception
Tuesday 09:00/11:00
Thursday 09:00/11:00

The Secours Catholique is closed. The luggage service remains open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and only with an appointment.

Le 61
Food not bombs
07 74 01 39 75
Physical reception
Saturday 19:00/00:00

Two mobile teams distribute in Rennes and its outskirt hot vegan meals every saturday night between 19:00 and 00:00. To be delivered, you can reach Food not Bombs through mail or Facebook.

Gamelles Pleines
Physical reception
Thursday 18:00/21:00

Street rounds to provide informations, following the downtown circuit (Sainte-Anne / République / place de Bretagne / Champs-Libres / Gare). It is possible for one who got infected with Covid-19 to shelter its pets thanks to Gamelles Pleines while beeing taken care of.

JEM - Jeunes Engagés pour le Monde
Physical reception
Tuesday 15:00/17:00
Thursday 15:00/17:00
Saturday 15:00/17:00
Distribution of hygiene and food aid packages on a route within Rennes’ downtown (Hoche, République, Vasselot street, Sainte-Anne square, Charles de Gaulle square, Train Station, Mail François Mitterrand). 
Restos Bus

The Restos Bus works as expected on planned nights: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the Hôtel des Finances, avenue Janvier: 19:15 – 20:45. At subway station Clémenceau: 21:00 – 22:15.

Samu social de la Croix-Rouge
Physical reception
Monday 18:00/23:00
Tuesday 18:00/23:00
Wednesday 18:00/23:00
Thursday 18:00/23:00
Friday 18:00/23:00
Saturday 18:00/23:00
Sunday 18:00/23:00
Utopia 56
Physical reception
Tuesday 19:00/00:00
Thursday 19:00/00:00
Sunday 19:00/00:00

Products types: hygiene, food, clothes, gear to shelter yourself and many more things… Two circuits on trucks from 19:00 to 00:00.

  • Outer path : Gayeulles, Boulevard de Metz, Quartier Saint-Hélier, Henri Fréville, stade rennais.
  • Inner path : Sainte-Anne, Le mail François Mitterrand, place de Bretagne, dalle Colombier, Charles de Gaulles, Gare, sud Gare.
Bulles Solidaires
06 34 38 37 51

It is possible to ask for hygiene product packages through the reception and housing structures. Although it is closed, Bulles Solidaires keeps providing, until the stock is exhausted, numerous associations which then take the distribution in charge.

Aide Juridique d'Urgence
02 99 51 48 31

Hotline from Monday to Friday for the people in need.

CAO - Skoazell
CAO : 06 46 42 90 21 | Skoazell : 07 77 73 13 15
Monday 10:00/12:30 - 14:00/16:00
Tuesday 10:00/12:30 - 14:00/16:00
Wednesday 10:00/12:30 - 14:00/16:00
Thursday 10:00/12:30 - 14:00/16:00
Friday 10:00/12:30 - 14:00/16:00

Informations regarding the organisation and the financial aid.

  • Automatic renewal of the financial aid for three months, for everyone who had an appointment regarding this renewal, prior to the service’s shut down.
  • The singles will be notified by a text message on their phones for an appointment and will be given cash at the CCAS (1 Rue du Griffon, behind St Pierre’s cathedral, downtown).
  • The families will receive checks sent to their domiciliation address (Barbotière, Croix Rouge, Coallia) and will be notified. At Barbotière, the recipients will be called when the mail will be there and an appointment will be set to give it to them. At the Croix Rouge, the recipients must call 02 99 67 75 70 on Tuesday and Friday between 09:30 and 11:30 to check on their mail. If there is some, an appointment will be set. At Coallia one must call on 02 99 51 86 28 for the Auguste Pavie facility, or on 06 03 20 53 32 for Bahon Rault facility, then an appointment will be set up. Coallia created a website providing some infos.
  • Everyone who had a planned appointment at Skoazell will be called in order to set up the aid.
  • Everyone who didn’t have an appointment and wish to have one must call Skoazell.
CCAS Rennes
02 23 62 20 50
Monday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Tuesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Wednesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Thursday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Friday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
  • Financial aid for singles or couple without children: everyone above 18 years old is eligable, even when hosted in his or her parent’s home (270€ maximum per month when in a couple).
    • Living in Rennes since a minimum of two months (inhabitant or hosted): do your request at the CDAS, to the local social worker.
    • Having a residence permit, or beeing of french nationality in EDD, or hosted for less than two months: do your request at the CAO (Barbotière’s street). Depends on your ressources and reaches a maximum of 180€ per months, five times per year.
    • Undocumented or without residence permit: do your request at Skoazell (Barbotière’s street): 180€ on a three months period, five times per year maximum.
  • Opening hours to withdraw financial aid at the CCAS (1 Griffon’s street): from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00.
  • For any question regarding financial aid, whatever the situation is, call the CCAS (1 Griffon’s street) which will know how to help you. Cleunay neighbourhood: call the Social Center’s director Hélène Gaudet, at 02 99 67 32 14.
  • For the RSA recipients: do a request for food aid at the CCAS (1 Griffon’s street). Depending on the situation, the request will be honored immediately or you will be oriented toward another structure.
  • Public transportation: if you didn’t do it already you can do a request for free of charge or lower tarification at Rennes Métropole. For this, reach the Service Réseaux de Transports at 02 99 86 64 85.
  • Public transportation: for one already having the public transportation aid, it is automatically extended until the end of containment. Your pass will flash a red light when passed on the terminals, but the transport inspectors can see that it is indeed valid and won’t give you a fine.
  • Employment: call the 01 70 772 372 (local call charge) from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 18:00 for a distance help, whatever your questions are.
  • Assistance for using a computer or a smartphone in order to make social procedures, legal procedures, and so on: a permanency is held everyday. Reach the CCAS for more informations at 02 23 62 20 50.
Cimade 35
07 49 38 04 35
Monday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00
Tuesday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00
Wednesday 09:00/12:00
Thursday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00
Friday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00

Legal aid for migrants and undocumented people: hotline from Monday to Friday. Physical reception is not possible for now.

CLIC (Centre local d'information et de coordination) - Rennes
02 23 62 21 40
34 place du Colombier 35000 Rennes
Monday 14:00/17:00
Tuesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Wednesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Thursday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Friday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Saturday 14:00/17:00
Sunday 14:00/17:00

No physical reception yet. A phone reception is held for elderly people above 60 years old, handicaped both children and adults, helping people and their circle. Free information about home support. Information about your rights and help regarding the procedures.

CLIC (Centre local d'information et de coordination) - ALLI'AGE Cesson-Sévigné
02 99 77 35 13
2 bis mail de Bourgchevreuil, Cesson-Sévigné
Monday 13:30/17:00
Tuesday 09:30/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Wednesday 09:30/12:30 - 13:30/17:00
Thursday 09:30/12:30
Friday 09:30/12:30 - 13:30/16:00

No physical reception yet. A phone reception is held for elderly people above 60 years old, handicaped both children and adults, helping people and their circle. Free information about home support. Information about your rights and help regarding the procedures.

Coallia - Auguste Pavie
02 99 51 86 28

Domiciliation appointments are suspended. Mail distribution is closed. Don’t come if you didn’t get a text message on your phone. Text messages will be sent individually for the distribution times only for important mails (OFPRA, CNDA, food aid). To reach Jimmy, Clarisse, Nadège, Sarah and Célia, call 02 99 51 86 28.

Coallia - Bahon Rault
02 99 84 27 17 | 06 03 20 53 32
Monday 10:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00
Tuesday 10:00/14:00
Wednesday 10:00/12:00
Thursday 10:00/14:00
Friday 10:00/12:00 - 14:00/16:00

Domiciliation appointments are suspended. Mail distribution is closed. Don’t come if you didn’t get a text message on your phone. Text messages will be sent individually for the distribution times only for important mails (OFPRA, CNDA, food aid). To reach Yoanna and Claire, call 02 99 84 27 17 (Tuesday and Thursday) and 06 03 20 53 32 (Monday, Wednesday morning and Friday). If you recently changed your phone number, please send a text message at 06 03 20 53 32 with includig your phone number and your name / forename. DO NOT CALL!

MDPH 35 - Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées
Hotline : 0 800 35 35 05
Monday 07:30/19:30
Tuesday 07:30/19:30
Wednesday 07:30/19:30
Thursday 07:30/19:30
Friday 07:30/19:30

Because of the current containment situation, the government took some extraodrinary measures. These measures regard all the rights and services listed below:

  • the handicaped adult allowance (Allocation aux Adultes Handicapés – AAH) and the ressources’ supplement;
  • the handicaped child educational allowance (Allocation d’Éducation de l’Enfant Handicapé – AEEH) and it’s complements;
  • the inclusion mobility pass (Carte Mobilité Inclusion – CMI);
  • the handicap compensation allowance (Prestation de Compensation du Handicap – PCH) for the following expenses:
    • related to the need of a human help, including if need be the one provided by the family helpers;
    • specific and extraordinary, such as the purchase or maintenance of handicaped related products;
    • related to the attribution or the maintenance of animal help.
  • every other rights or services provided by the CDAPH.

The government measures are the following:

  • every rights or services ending between March 12th and July 31st are automatically extended for an extra six months, starting on their expiration date;
  • the rights or services which ended before March 12th but have not been renewed to this date, will be automatically extended for an extra six months, starting on March 12th.

Despite this automatic six months extension’s measure, if your rights were supposed to end in the next weeks or months, the MDPH asks you to do a renewal request anyway.


• Certificates for asylum seekers whether in normal procedure, accelerated procedure or Dublin procedure, as well as receipts, expiring between March 16 and May 15 are extended for three months. These certificates or receipts actually in possession of asylum seekers are still valid. No further action is needed toward the préfecture to get this extension, it is fully automatic.
• Certificates for asylum seekers whether in normal procedure, accelerated procedure or Dublin procedure, as well as receipts, expiring before March 16 must be renewed. To ask for a renewal you must follow the procedure described in this page (french only).
• You can notify a change in your address here (french only).
• To get a work authorization go to this page (french only).

Service Élection de Domicile de la Croix-Rouge
02 99 67 75 70

Open with due respect to hygiene policy and safe distance among the recipients.

Service Élection de Domicile de la SEA 35

Accessible through the partners in charge of helping the recipients (send a mail to election.domicile@sea35.org with the recipient’s ID attached). The recipients receive a phone call when they get mail and an appointment for its ditribution is then set.

Union Locale CGT de Rennes
Union locale : 02 99 79 44 47 | Hotline : 0805 38 66 61
Monday 08:00/12:30 - 13:30/18:00
Tuesday 08:00/12:30 - 13:30/18:00
Wednesday 08:00/12:30 - 13:30/18:00
Thursday 08:00/12:30 - 13:30/18:00
Friday 08:00/12:30 - 13:30/18:00

The CGT Bretagne union set up a free of charge regional hotline for all workers in need : 0805 38 66 61. Of course you can call it even if you are an undocumented worker! You can reach as well some advisers using the local union group email ulrennes@cgt35.fr or using the dedicated email address for unemployed or precarious workers: chomeursprecaires-rennes@cgt35.fr

We Ker
Simon Posnic : 02 99 78 55 66 | Angeline Louzier : 06 23 21 52 77
Monday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:30
Tuesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:30
Wednesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:30
Thursday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:30
Friday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/17:30

No more physical reception but a hotline at the indicated times and days.

Au petit Blosneur
Physical reception
Wednesday 10:30/12:30
Friday 10:30/12:30

Food distribution for the Blôsne’s inhabitants.

Banque Alimentaire

The Food Bank is running at full speed to deliver the needed products to the main facilities. From these facilities, other associations then take the distribution in charge to the various places where people need it.

02 99 67 75 70

Open on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for the usual recipients or the ones sent through social workers via mail (alimentaire.crfrennes@gmail.com – new address).

Dum - épicerie sociale Sud-ouest
Physical reception
Monday 12:00/16:00
Tuesday 12:00/16:00
Wednesday 12:00/16:00
Thursday 12:00/16:00
Friday 12:00/16:00
Saturday 12:00/16:00

The Dum social grocery store is open. It distributes non-perishable products packages, but no more fresh goods.

Réseau de ravitaillement des luttes

Distributions happen between once and three times a week, depending on when the goods arrive.

Restos du Cœur - Rennes Alma
02 23 30 28 50

Distribution of food packages Tuesday and Thursday mornings. List of the restos du Cœur facilities

Restos du Cœur - Rennes La Donelière
02 99 33 23 93

Distribution of food packages Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. List of the restos du Cœur facilities

Secours Populaire Français
02 99 53 31 41
Monday 09:00/17:00
Tuesday 09:00/17:00
Wednesday 09:00/17:00
Thursday 09:00/17:00
Friday 09:00/17:00
Saturday 09:00/13:00

The SPF35 delivers at home each of its recipients in order, as planned (everyday except for Saturday and Sunday) with some help from the activists from the inter-organisation collective supporting exiled people. It works as well for everyone needing help, even though not registered at SPF. Caution: home delivery is hugely time-consuming, so there is a one week delay!

Physical reception
Monday 14:00/16:00

Meals at 3€ and 4€.

Action d’aide alimentaire - épicerie sociale Sud-Ouest

Open without more info.

Cleunay Amitié Solidarité
Cœurs Résistants

The facility is closed but people can receive some help to fill up the forms for the food aid (using the address: coeurs.resistants.covid19@mail.fr and providing a phone number to be called back). Suscribe here

L'épicerie gratuite

Keeps running distributions at the University, but mainly coordinates teams of volunteers to maintain the emergency food aid.

Les Glaneurs Rennais
Soutien pour tous
06 78 32 41 91

Closed: reopen april 6th.

Ty Sol
02 99 50 90 47

Closed this week. Reopens next week (packages distribution).

More general infos

Many other NGO’s were sadly and against their will forced to stop their activities because their activists are in self-containment. However the inter-organisation collective, along with the SPF and the GL14-10 for instance, and many more volunteers, are working 7/7, trying to provide people what they need.

Bains douches - Saint Georges
02 23 62 15 40
Physical reception
Monday 09:00/12:00
Saturday 09:00/12:00

Entrance through Victor Hugo street (1€ per shower).

06 34 28 71 67
Physical reception
Monday 13:00/17:00
Wednesday 13:00/17:00
Friday 13:00/17:00

The CAARUD physical receptions are still happening on shortened periods, operated as a “drive”. The recipients must call on 06 34 28 71 67 and state their needs. The bags will be prepared to welcome the recipients one by one outside the facilities.

CCAS Rennes
02 23 62 20 50
Monday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Tuesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Wednesday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Thursday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
Friday 09:00/12:30 - 13:30/16:30
  • Solidary health complement (Complémentaire santé solidaire (ex-CMU-C with or without financial participation): if your right ends between March 12th and July 31st 2020, then it is automatically extended for three months, starting at the initial ending date. No particular procedure is needed on your side, you will only have to update your Vital card.
  • ACS contracts: if your ACS contract was ongoing on March 12th and ends before July 31st, it is extended until July 31st 2020 at the same price. You can oppose this while contacting your complementary organism.
  • AME: if you are an AME beneficiary and it was supposed to end between March 12th and July 31st 2020, then it will be extended for three extra months starting on your initial AME’s expiration date. If you wish to request the AME, send an email to the CPAM: demande_ame.cpam351@assurance-maladie.fr
Centre Covid-19
115 | Réseau Louis Guilloux : 02 99 32 47 36

Specialised sheltering facility for people positive to COVID-19 and beeing wether homeless or having no self-containment solution, medically managed by the Réseau Louis Guilloux. It is located at the Night Shelter (Accueil de Nuit). A nurse comes twice a day, coordination with a doctor and social workers from Benoit Labre 24/24. To be admitted there: call 115, or the Réseau Louis Guilloux on 02 99 32 47 36.

Planning familial de Rennes
02 99 31 54 22 | Hotline : 0800 08 11 11
Physical reception
Monday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/18:00
Tuesday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/18:00
Wednesday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/18:00
Thursday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/18:00
Friday 09:00/12:00 - 14:00/18:00
Monday 09:00/20:00
Tuesday 09:00/20:00
Wednesday 09:00/20:00
Thursday 09:00/20:00
Friday 09:00/20:00
Saturday 09:00/20:00

The Planned Parenthood is open and maintains the emergency health receptions (contraception, abortion, violences, etc) from Monday to Friday, with a team including a doctor, a receptionist, a family and couple counselor and the acting director. In the context numerous women need support so the Planned Parenthood hotline is beeing reinforced to cope with the amount of calls: 0800 08 11 11. Private and free of charge, this hotline from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 20h allows anyone wherever she is to be listened to, informed and guided by trained professionnals.

More general infos
  • The health spots (Puzzle, Fourneau, Réseau Louis Guilloux) are open and a reception is maintained  7 days a week on one or another of these facilities.
    • Puzzle : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. These times are only for showers (by small groups of five) from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:15 to 16:45. The laundromat is back to its regular schedule.
    • Fourneau : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The health spot from the Fourneau is closed until further notice.
  • Some street rounds toward homeless are reinforced starting Monday 23/03: every afternoon except on Wedenesday, Saturday and Sunday (with a doctor from the Red Cross and a SIAO nurse).
Conseil des migrants

Open without more infos.

More general infos